Great Skye 1 with vinyl tarp roof
Great Skye 1 with wood roof
Great Skye 1 Treehouse
 Great Skye 1 Features:

•Dimensions: 19'W x 19'6"D x 13'H
•Alpine Wave Slide™
•Radical Ride 7™ Tube Slide
•Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
•Safe Entry Ladder
•Deluxe Rope Ladder
•Belt Swings - 2
•Trapeze Swing
•Built-In Picnic Table
•Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
•Chalkboard Kit
•Play Telephone
•Jumbo Play Binoculars
•Steering Wheel
•Play Telescope
•Flag Kit
•Safety Handles
•Available with your choice of:
​ •a Standard Wood Roof featuring Sunbursts, Dormers and a Chimney;
•a Green Vinyl Canopy;
•a Wood Roof w/ Treehouse Add-On

​•2 Play Platforms: 5' High Platform: 4' x 6'; 7' High Platform: 2.5' x 6'
•4x4 Solid Wood Framing
•4x6 3-Position Swing Beam

•Available in Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish