Sun Palace 1 Features:

•Platform - 4' x 6'
•Platform Height - 5'
•Step Ladder and Metal Rung Ladder Combo
•Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
•Metal Access Handles - 4
•Alpine Wave Slide™
•Sunburst Wood Roof with Dormers, Chimney, and Custom Design Work
•Swing Beam Positions - 3
•Belt Swings - 2
•Trapeze Swing - 1
•Deluxe Rope Ladder
•360° Turbo Tire Swing™ with Swivel
•Steering Wheel, Telescope, Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, and Flag Kit
•Patented One Piece A-Frame Bracket
•Available in Cedar with a beautiful Redwood Finish
The Sun Palace 2 has monkey bars added